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Raj Sinha
Director Head Business

Mr. Raj is an expert in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research, analyzing social statistics data and analytics. Raj Sinha has been working for our company for the last 8years.


Sagar Kumar
Head of Techology

Mr. Suman Sagar Kumar known for timely completion of projects and a good quality. He has a total of 12 years of experience in designing and has been working with full dedication for the past 8 years at The Get Enquiry.

Krishna Kumar
PHP Developer

Mr. Krishna Kumar is an excellent PHP Developer. Specialize in PHP programming applications that are often web-based for clients including the writing of PHP scripts and coding to create or modify software and applications according to a clients needs.

Neetu Gupta
Content Writer

Neetu Gupta specializes in writing professional content for websites. The content written by her is quite useful which supports SEO.

Vidhi Kaushik
Senior Sales Executive

Vidhi Kaushik is an expert in Good Communication Skills, Work sincerely with the team and behaves. Clients have always given good feedback.

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